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3pcs Toothbrush Mini Hand Wire Brush Remove Brass Nylon Stainless Steel Rust 钢丝刷 / Set Berus Nylon & Dawai Bentuk Berus Gigi

-Made of high quality material, durable and practical to use.
-The curved design of the brush head and handle effectively reduces the grip during use, making it easier to use.
-Removes rust, scale, paint & slag.
-Durable with perfect cleaning effect
-Great for cleaning and polishing in those hard to reach areas
-Clean the metal surface, car accessories, gas cooker accessories, pipes, etc.
-3 different brush heads on long plastic handles: Nylon, brass & steel wire give a variety of texture & stiffness.
-Nylon bristles for lighter tasks: clean delicate parts and detail vehicle interiors.
-Brass plated wire for heavier duty: clean metal parts without damaging surface or danger of sparking
-Stainless steel for corrosion resistance and heavy duty scrubbing jobs.

Product name: Steel Wire Toothbrush
Material: Nylon, Brass, Steel
Length: (Approx. ) 170mm / 6.69Inch
Suitable for: Cleaning, Rust removal
Quantity: 3pcs per Set

Package Included:
1 x Stainless steel Wire Toothbrush
1 x Brass Wire Toothbrush
1 x Nylon Wire Toothbrush



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