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Product Description:
– 100% brand new product
– User-friendly & convenient
– Light in weight, portable
– Qty: 1 bottle

Special highlight:
– Ready to use multi-purpose polyurethane foam
– It is fitted with a plastic adaptor head for use with a foam application gun or a straw. The foam will expand and cure by moisture in the air.
– Used for a wide range of building applications (It is very good for filling and sealing with excellent mounting capacities, high thermal and acoustical insulation.)
– It offers good expansion yield, no sagging, and using Ozone Friendly Propellant (CFC Free).
– It is mouldproof, water and ageing resistant, and provides good thermal and acoustic insulation.
– Good adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces such as UPVC, masonry, brick, block work, glass, steel, aluminium, timber and other substrates (except PP, PE and Teflon).
– Good filling capacities.
– Application temperature is between +5 degree and +35 degree. ||| Optimal application temperature is between +18 degree and +25 degree

For general purpose applications in mounting, filling, sealing insulating and soundproofing (shake-proof & anti pressure)

Instruction to use:
– Before curing, foam can be removed and cleaned with PU Foam cleaner either with the gun or with the adapter.
– Cleaning of the strew adapter with cleaner is recommended.
– Tack free time is 10 minutes.
– The foam can be cut after about 20 minutes.
– The foam can be cured in 1 hour and be stable within 3-5 hours (all data based on application under laboratory conditions). It gets decomposed by direct exposures to UV rays, so painting or coating is recommended.

Application areas:
– Concrete
– Plaster
– Brick
– Floorboard
– Most plastic
– Metal
– Glass
– Wood
– Door & window frame
– Roof construction
– Electrical outlets & water pipes

– Material: High quality material
– Colour: As shown in picture only
– Chemical: Diphenymethane 4.4 diiscocyanate
– Storage and shelf life: 12 months in unopened packing store in temperature between +5 degree and +25 degree. Keep in cool, shade and well-ventilated area. Always keep the can with the valve pointed upwards.

Price for 1 piece

**All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.**

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